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Company Overview
We are Hospitality/Restaurant Consultants providing advice to companies that are experiencing difficulties with structuring their businesses. We offer assistance to help with improving all aspects of their business for the purpose of ensuring the growth and success of the company.

We also provide assistance to individuals who are interested in joining the restaurant industry as a start-up business or partnership. In addition, we provide training courses for our partner companies’ employees to ensure they possess the proper certifications needed in the food industry.

This training is also extended to individuals outside of our partnership at a per person
rate for those who are interested in obtaining certifications in Food Manager, Food Handler,
Alcohol and Allergens. Our specific responsibilities as Restaurant Consultants include assessing restaurant situations, devising plans, organizing training, checking restaurant records, and helping staff to carry out the improvement plan.

We also offer personal Concierge and Life Style managing service that will provide your own personal assistant trained to perform a multiple endless duties on your behalf. Duties to be
performed are discussed at time of booking and charge a per-hour, monthly retainer or personal project fee. This service can be extended and helpful to home care, daycares, restaurants, catering companies, and hospitals. 

We also provide service as a personal Concierge and Lifestyle Tillman Hunter Enterprise has a combined 30 years of experience in this field. In effort, to contribute to your company growth, we aspire to build a relationship with your company and look forward to building the next generation of leaders in the industry.
Program Title
Food Service and Sanitation Certification Training Course
Provide an effective quality plus quantity food service and sanitation course that will contribute to the success of all companies within the food handling industry who strives to reach the overall satisfaction of their consumers by providing a safe and clean environment.

Tillman-Hunter Enterprises will ensure individuals have the skills and training needed to obtain their food handling and sanitation and/or food service certification as an effort to increase their employable skills. We strive to prepare our future food handler/service trainees by providing the required information needed in regards to food safety as specified by the Illinois Department of Public Health. Tillman-Hunter Enterprises seeks to provide job placement with our corporate partners for individuals that participate in our training program.

Targeted Audience:

   At-Risk Youth ages 16-21
   Adults 21 and over(high school diploma or GED-not required)

Total Duration: 2 hours 30 mins

Program Learning Objectives:

   Become enthused about the food handling experience and the process of maintain a safe
      and sanitized environment

   Understand the expectations of the course and the benefits from obtaining your

   Enhance communication, strategic and critical thinking skills
   Gain a thorough understanding of the following areas
   Food Hazards - Identify the different populations that are non-resistant to
    symptoms and illnesses that must be reported to manager because food can
    become dangerous

   Personal Hygiene - Keep food and work space safe and free from contamination
    by keeping your hands, your body and clothing clean and knowing when to stay
    home if sick.

   Cleaning and Sanitizing - Identify the necessary process and/or procedures for
    maintaining a sanitary and clean work environment. Keep your workplace and
    equipment clean and protect your workplace from pests.

  Time and Temperature Controls - Food can be kept safe by controlling its
  temperature. Identify different methods for controlling the time and temperature.
  Identify the specific requirements for preventing bacterial growth in food

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