James Payne Concierge

JPC, A Halo Ventures Co. creates bespoke experiences in four categories:

Black Car Services (Sedans, Sprinters, SUV)

Luxury Rental/Executive Retreat/Corporate Meeting Space/

Etiquette Training- Individual and Corporate 

Hospitality Consultingg

What We Do
James Payne Concierge (JPC) your personal Concierge / Lifestyle manager will make arrangements and run errands, the list of which are endless. Some examples are; booking a table at a hot restaurant, obtaining hard to get theater tickets, arranging a housekeeper, organizing trades and services, arranging events, booking travel via aircraft, car service, and arranging a relocation.

When running errands your personal Concierge/Lifestyle manager might collect dry-cleaning, do personal shopping, pay bills or any such errand you the client requires.
James Payne Concierge and Lifestyle management will charge for their services by the hour, on a monthly retainer or by each project.